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Building job sites with Joomla!

N.B. questa è la versione inglese del posto “Building job sites with Joomla!”, pubblicato due giorni fa su questo stesso blog.

As said some weeks ago, we received from Packt Publishing a copy of the book Building job sites with Joomla!, written by Santonu Kumar Dhar.

Here is our review and judgement.


The book reflects exactly what the title is talking about, that is building a job search/offer site with Joomla, using Jobs commercial component from InstantPHP.

During site buiding, you can find a Joomla wide shot to make the book understandable for who’s not a Joomla expert.

Moreover, last chapter is a bonus introducing SEO subject: how to optimize a Joomla site for search engines.


Target of this book is really restricted.

Actually, we’re not only talking about creating a job search/offer site, specialistic subject in itself; this book is particularly targeted to those who are not Joomla experts. In fact there’s a large tutorial part.

Anyway, if you already know Joomla you can focus on the Jobs section, and if you are not interested in it, you can read this book as a case study of a specialistic Joomla site built with a specific extension.


Every time we face a book we try to immediately identify possible flaws. In this case, the main problem is the vast number of subjects: in the same book the author tries to introduce Joomla to beginners, teach using of a specific extension and explain SEO techniques.

However the author find some accettable solutions.

First of all, an extraordinary synthesis ability and a very good expressive clearness make every concept clear in a few lines, so that this books becomes a good tutorial for the CMS. Same thing for SEO.

Moreover, Jobs component is presented in a complete and scientific way, creating a reference manual for all menus and functionalities, rather than a course based on practical experience.


Actually, we suggest this book, but for different reasons from those which pushed the author to write it.

For Jobs extension users, this is a very good manual, useful for InstantPHP too, software original authors ( we hope they’ve sponsored it :-))

This is an excellent example of vertical site for Joomla beginners that shows how to easily build a site for a particular use, starting from zero and using Joomla with a specific extension.

For who wants to learn a pragmatic experience in job search/offer site sector, instead, we suggest to look for it elsewhere. Here there is only a technical approach.

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