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WordPress 3 Complete Book

The cover of WordPress 3 Complete bookAs we announced in our latest post, we received some Packt Publishing two new books (or better, e-books) to review.

One of them was WordPress 3 Complete Book by April Hodge Silver. Thanks to the new Kindle, we had the opportunity to read it in a short period. This is our review.


The title says it all: this is a book about WordPress 3, and all of it.

Almost all aspects of this famous CMS are explained, although of course some of those are just introduced with external links to resources (other books or web sites) which go deeper into the subject.

From install, to configuration, to themes, to widget and plugins, the overview is quite complete and the book is worth its title.


Any WordPress user can benefit from this book. Both beginners and advanced users, both developers and non-tech users can surely find something of interest.

People who never used WordPress can have a little difficulty in keeping the pace, but browsing through this book can have a cleare glimpse of its features.


We really enjoyed this book.

The overview really takes into account every possible topic about WordPress usage.

The author knows what she’s talking about. She’s a knowledgeable WordPress user and also a good developer, and she can speak of different topics with accuracy. When she gives external links for more in-depth resoorces, you have the feeling that the only reason is because she would end up doing a 600-pages book; certainly, not because she wouldn’t be able to go deeper herself.

Writing is clear and understandable, and given code and pictures are well-crafted.


Since we started making our reviews of Packt Publishing books, this is one of the best we read. You can browse yourself through our other reviews to check that we are not afraid to tell the truth when we don’t like a book.

We were striked by the fact that a single book covers effectively almost everything about WordPress. But this is mainly due to the reason that WordPress is a very focused application. Even if a good developer can make it do anything, it is still very blog oriented and that is where it gives its best.

If you work on the web, you simply have to know what WordPress is and how it works, and this is surely a very good book about it.

Go to the Packt Publishing site if you want to buy this book.